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INJECTR Series Cartridge 4 Pack


Polyurethane Injection Kit: Leak Seal Cartridges Compatible with a Standard Caulk Gun

INJECTR Series 10.5 oz cartridges feature Spetec PUR F400 and Spetec PUR HighFoamer and GEN ACC Accelerator in two sides of the same cartridge. The grout mixes with the accelerator when injected. No need for a full crew or a grout pump. Quicker in and out – less labor. For similar products, see the page on Leak Seal.

Available Size

INJECTR-Kit-polyurethane injection kit crack injection kit leak seal cartridges

4 Pack Crack Injection Kit: Complete Grab & Go Leak Seal Solution

Both the Spetec PUR F400 and the Spetec PUR HighFoamer Kits Include:

4 – Cartridges (10.5 oz)
4 – Static Mixers
8 – 1/2” Drill Ports
4 – Large Push Connects
4 – Small Push Connects
1 – 10 ft Roll Flexible Tubing

12 Pack Cartridge Case Also Available