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Polyurethane for Soil Void Fill and Cutting Off Underground Water Leaks

Single component, closed cell, hydrophobic, water-reactive, solvent and phthalate-free, low viscosity polyurethane injection resin for cutting off large water leaks and filling voids around structuresAP Fill 720 will react and expand quickly upon contact with water and is one of the top soil stabilizers on the market. For similar products, see the page on Soil Stabilization.

Available Sizes


  • Seawall repair.
  • Chemical wall for erosion control of beachfront properties and land masses that do not have a seawall or water barrier.
  • Water cut-off of large flow and high pressure water leaks.
  • Stabilizations and water cut-off of large cracks, voids and gravel layers.
  • Pre and post injections in mines, tunnels, pipe jacking, drill & blast and TBM applications.
  • Crack and gravel layer injections in concrete structures.
  • Soil stabilization and anchors in porous geology.
  • Water cut-off of sewer water leaks and sewer stabilization.
  • Probe grouting for below grade pipes.
  • Void filling.


  • Single component.
  • Different reaction times are possible by adjusting the percentage of GEN ACC or GEN ACC Fast accelerator.
  • Cured polyurethane is semi-rigid and exhibits high strength and good chemical resistance. (contact our Technical Service for chemical resistance).
  • Cured polyurethane is harmless for the environment and resistant to biological attack.
  • Up to 40x – 50x expansion
  • Certified To NSF 61-5 (approved for contact with drinking water).