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A Leak Seal Quality Assurance System

Alchemy-Spetec is the first chemical grouting manufacturer to offer the patented Leak Seal quality assurance system, QP Factor®. Currently, the new system is offered only through the Alchemy-Spetec Leak Seal Division. The QP Factor® system offers quantifiable water flow, pressure, and flow/pressure metrics before and after leak seal injection that will provide clients, contractors, and design professionals the industry’s first patented method for proving Leak Seal success.

The method of testing requires additional drill holes to be placed at pre-determined locations along the crack, joint, or substrate being sealed. Prior to injection of chemical grouts such as Spetec PUR F400, Spetec PUR HighFoamer, or Spetec PUR GT500, the test hole is connected to a digital touch-screen device that is calibrated to provide water pressure, flow, and flow/pressure information that is extractable in excel format from a convenient USB port. Following initial testing, the test port is then plugged during chemical grouting operations to avoid false-positive results after injection.

Chemical grouting is then performed per Alchemy-Spetec Field Services Department recommendations.  After grouting is completed, the plug is removed from the test hole, and the water tests are taken again for comparison to the initial test.  The difference in results represents the quantifiable performance increase in leak seal capacity within the substrate.

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For more information on the QP Factor® system, or for licensing options for use of the patented method in the field, please contact one of our knowledgeable representatives at 404-618-0438.

Key Features

  • Battery Operation – No Need For Cables
  • Patented QA/QC Methodology
  • Calibrated Pressure and Flow Transducers
  • Digital Touch Screen HMI Display
  • USB – Port for Excel Data Extract
  • Water Line Inlet / Outlet Threads
  • Heavy-Duty Pelican Custom Case
  • Custom Report Calibration in Setup Menu
  • Adjustable Testing Time and Frequency of Readings
  • Test Port Packer Plugs Sold Separately through Alchemy-Spetec
  • Compact Design – 35 lbs.
  • Exclusively Available from Alchemy-Spetec