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What We Offer

The Leak Seal Division

The Alchemy-Spetec Leak Seal Product Line combines a full-system offering of polymer chemical grouts and equipment with perhaps the most experienced technical team in the industry.  For any concrete leak seal application, lean on the Alchemy-Spetec team for phone, field, or engineering support.  Our growing network of Regional Managers, Independent Representation, and Nationwide Distribution offers industry professionals many levels of opportunity worth discussing with our team.  Consultants at Alchemy-Spetec pride themselves on rapid, powerful, and painless scheduling of field and technical support.  We invite you to inquire about our bi-annual factory training held at the Tucker, GA-based manufacturing facility where they can learn from the 20+ year average industry experience of our Regional Management and Technical Team.

The Geotech Division

The Alchemy-Spetec Geotech Product Line offers industry-leading quality, full chemical grout lifting rig training and support, and unmatched contractor support in the field and with sales and marketing.  Contact us today to learn about the tangible benefits of joining the Alchemy-Spetec network of geotech contractors. The Alchemy-Spetec MixMaster Pro Gun is a maintenance and production cost-saver for any lifting contractor, while the flagship lifting foams have helped many contractors reduce volume usage while eliminating call-backs.  From the Polybadger machine that fits into a pickup truck, to custom boxtruck and trailer rig buildouts, Alchemy-Spetec is widely considered the premier geotechnical chemical grout & equipment supplier.  With the additions of ground penetrating radar and penetrometer equipment and support, Alchemy-Spetec is truly on the cutting-edge of the chemical grouting industry.

Who We Are

Alchemy-Spetec Co-Owner and President Stephen C. Barton has been at the forefront of the concrete repair industry for over 30 years. Running leak seal crews in his teens, developing breakthrough polyurethane technology in his twenties and helping grow the market ever since, Mr. Barton has been a leader in the field for most of his life.

Co-Owner Koramic Construction Chemicals (a division of the Koramic Group) has factories in Belgium, France, Switzerland and Turkey. The Koramic Group is a privately owned company active in a wide range of industrial activities and employing over 6000 people in 15 countries.